All sectors Marketing Presentation

Where next? Evolution of the Think New Brand

Wed 23 August 2017 11:00 am - 11:40 am

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Paul Irwin
Kaylee Butters

The New Zealand Education “Think New” brand was launched in late 2013. Since then it’s helped support the growth of our industry and the branding has received acclaim all around the world. But where do we take the brand next? How can we evolve our Think New brand positioning to give us a competitive edge for the future?

In this session, Paul Irwin, ENZ’s General Manager Student Marketing, and Kaylee Butters, ENZ’s Director Student Engagement will discuss:

  • Lessons from the latest in-market research on the Think New brand
  • Why we need to evolve our brand from a “nurture” position
  • How we can build a competitive, differentiated brand position for attracting high value students across all sectors
  • Why the Think New brand is much more than a logo and imagery – and the critical importance of brand experience
  • Next steps in the strategic development of this brand position
  • How Education New Zealand and institutions can work together to drive Think New into the future.