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The NZIEC Debate: Aussies vs Kiwis

Wed 23 August 2017 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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Miriama Kamo
Stephen Connelly
Amanda Pickrell
Darragh Murray
Katy Mandeno
Roger McElwain
Tony O’Brien

Whether it’s at rugby, netball or (bowling underarm at) cricket, Australia and New Zealand have long enjoyed an intense and spirited rivalry. But what about in the field of international education?

In this inaugural NZIEC debate, a team of three plucky Aussies will argue that New Zealand should look to Australia’s lead when it comes to international education. Will the Australians crumble like the Wallabies at Eden Park? Or will the Kiwis collapse like the Black Caps batting line-up in the 2015 Cricket World Cup final?

Either way, it’ll be a debate of two halves and you’ll be sure to pick up some interesting insights into the competitive advantages of both countries and areas for improvement. Come along and cheer for your team!