Sending students overseas: How can you keep them safe as they should be?

Wed 23 August 2017 1:30 pm - 2:10 pm

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Dr Laura Sessions

More and more schools and universities in New Zealand are giving their students opportunities to travel overseas, but are we adequately protecting our students when they go?

In this session we will discuss the health, safety and security issues that are unique to leading international education programmes. We will examine why plans developed for traditional outdoor activities fall short and give you better ways to help ensure your students are as safe as they should be. We will also discuss the implications of New Zealand’s new health and safety legislation for international programme leaders and administrators.

This will be a very practical session aimed at giving you tools and templates that you can adapt for your own international programmes. It will also include some scenario-based exercises to get you thinking about whether you’re ready if – or when – an emergency happens.