All sectors Internationalisation Workshop

Pre-conference workshop: What’s your CQ? Enhance your organisation’s Cultural Intelligence

Mon 21 August 2017 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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Shireen Chua

International education is at the cutting edge interface of globalisation, where culturally diverse settings is the norm. As our sector continues to grow and expand, Cultural Intelligence (CQ) will be a key factor in ensuring that leaders and organisations can sustain and support the international education initiatives that ensure the long term benefits of this sector.

CQ is defined as the capability to interact and work effectively across culturally diverse settings. This essential cross-cultural competency can be developed by any and every member of your organisation that has any involvement or interaction with international students and markets. However, it is also becoming a competency that everyone in today’s organisations needs.

This workshop is designed to help international education practitioners exercise leadership and influence others to enhance their organisation’s CQ, whether related to strategy, policy, system, business development or pastoral care.

You will explore:

  • The world of Cultural Intelligence: What it entails and how you can apply it to best effect
  • The compelling business case for leaders and managers to develop culturally intelligent organisations
  • Practical strategies for influencing and growing understanding and application in your organisations
  • Best practice examples of organisations implementing CQ initiatives
  • Tools, techniques and insights for you and your organisation to implement.


You will be introduced to several tools during the workshop, including the CQ Tool, the Intercultural DISC and the CulturalQ, that you’ll be able to use individually or within your organisations to continue developing intercultural competency.

The application of CQ extends to leadership, business and market development, pastoral care and teaching, so this workshop will benefit anyone in the international education sector. So, what’s your CQ? Are you and your organisation ready for the Cultural Intelligence difference?



  • Afternoon tea will be served during the workshop.
  • Workshops involve a high degree of participation; come prepared to contribute your own expertise and experiences.
  • Pre-conference workshops require a minimum of 20 registrants to proceed.
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