Governance Presentation Tertiary

International education and governance: Implications of international education for the board of an education provider

Tue 22 August 2017 1:30 pm - 2:10 pm

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Mary Cave-Palmer

International education provision can be challenging for Boards when it exposes some of the limitations of traditional methods of agreeing strategic direction, evaluating business opportunities and risks, assessing performance and measuring benefits.

• What questions should a Board ask?
• Should the Board treat international education opportunities any differently from domestic education opportunities?
• What is the future of the inbound international student market?
• Does the business case for offshore provision of education services really stack up?
• What KPIs should a Board set?
• Is it all about the financial benefits?

The Board’s well-informed support is vital for long-term successful international education provision. Whether you are a Board director, a senior executive, a shareholder, a financier or an educational contractor, you can benefit from better understanding the Board’s perspective and how it can contribute to your success.