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Opening keynote: How to lead an international education quest

Tue 22 August 2017 9:30 am - 10:30 am

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Dr Jason Fox

Only one thing is certain…

And that’s this: things are going to get even more uncertain.

Instinctively you know this. Nearly everything in the international education industry is changing, and faster than ever before. And in amongst this increased pace and uncertainty, three major challenges face all leaders:

  • The challenge of leading through uncertainty and doubt;
  • The challenge of keeping strategy relevant and nimble; and
  • The challenge of building cultures fit for the future of work.


Conventional attempts to tackle these challenges are typically fixed and rigid. We’re encouraged to set big hairy audacious goals with a crystal clear vision and a rock solid plan to which we pursue with unwavering conviction. And so targets get set, carrots get dangled and boxes get ticked. It’s all rather comforting and familiar.

But it won’t last.

To build for the future, we need something different.

It’s time to venture beyond the default. It’s time to lead a quest.