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Helping students get the right advice about the New Zealand immigration process

Wed 23 August 2017 1:30 pm - 2:10 pm

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Catherine Albiston
Celia Coombes

Getting the next visa is a vital part of the experience for many international students. It can feel overwhelming navigating a country’s immigration system, but even more so when the issue has been thrust into the global spotlight. It’s time to get the message right.

The Immigration Advisers Authority plays a helping hand by setting standards for New Zealand’s immigration advisers around the world. It helps international students know how to get professional, honest, reliable and, most importantly, legal immigration advice.

Frequently asked questions that will be addressed include:
• How can schools and tertiary institutions help international students with visa applications?
• What advice about the immigration process can education agents lawfully provide?
• Do education agents need to be licensed immigration advisers?
• Where can you direct students for immigration advice?

This interactive session will answer all your questions about giving immigration advice so you can confidently support great immigration outcomes for your students, whether it is their next student visa or a pathway to residence.