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Global Leadership Programme: Developing leaders for the future

Tue 22 August 2017 11:50 am - 12:30 pm

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Linda Miller

The world we are preparing our students for is complex and dynamic. Young people need to develop a strong sense of self and experience what it is to belong if they are to have the confidence and competence to operate as successful global citizens in the future. The young men and women who arrive at our schools as international students have already demonstrated many of the characteristics required to be successful global citizens and yet getting domestic and international students to interact in spontaneous and meaningful ways can be challenging.

The Global Leadership Programme developed at Otago Girls’ High School has three aims for its participants: to develop global awareness, to build global networks and to contribute to the solution of global problems. By participating and reflecting on curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities, participants collect evidence towards the award. Interaction with people and cultures different to their own is encouraged and valued and is leading to students demonstrating greater understanding and empathy towards others.

This presentation outlines the structure of the programme, the research behind it and the challenges and benefits in implementing it. The programme is in its early days at OGHS but benefits are already obvious. If you are looking at a programme to challenge and motivate your most able domestic and international students, this could be it.