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Community-based approaches to pastoral support

Tue 22 August 2017 11:00 am - 11:40 am

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Sylvia Hooker
Anne Henwood

Putting in place effective programmes for pastoral care amongst international students contributes significantly to the development of their wellbeing and prevents many issues from arising. However, developing these programmes can often be unnecessarily ‘problematic’ and stressful for programme managers and their staff.

This session will explore ways of proactively engaging with the wider support mechanisms that exist within our communities, in order to connect our international students into the wider fabric of community. This approach promotes inclusiveness and a general sense of belonging and participation, while also attempting to limit the fallout from mishaps and poor outcomes related to living and learning experiences.

Specifically, we will look at ways of developing intelligent, relatively cost-effective, proactive pastoral care programmes that enhance the overall international education experience. We will offer practical suggestions to help you develop easy-to-manage programmes that will also provide satisfaction, job enjoyment and motivation for those working in international support.