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Creating value: Properly pricing international education in a competitive global market

Tue 22 August 2017 1:30 pm - 2:10 pm

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Dr Daniel Guhr

At five million students and counting, international higher education has become a veritable modern Völkerwanderung. At USD 170 billion plus in revenues produced, international education also has become a sizable global industry.

New Zealand has carved out a disproportionately large niche in this landscape on the strength of its educational quality offering, its top notch marketing and use of images, and as part of a larger brand and immigration narrative.

This success has not taken place in a vacuum – other countries and regions have started or redoubled recruiting efforts which puts competitive pressure on New Zealand institutions. At the same time New Zealand’s value proposition has changed, especially as Auckland is now one of the highest cost cities in the world – imagine a climb of the New Zealand Dollar to 0.9 U.S. Dollars on top of existing cost of living cost pressures.

This session offers data and analysis from the world’s largest database on international tuition fees and cost of living, covering 200 universities worldwide and all eight New Zealand universities.

The session also discusses added value options, price disintermediation, and competitive differentiation – and what these concepts hold for New Zealand institutions.