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A stitch in time: Adopting a proactive approach to pastoral care

Tue 22 August 2017 3:30 pm - 4:10 pm

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Enda McKenna
Andrea Donovan

Pastoral care is typically a reactive affair. Often, students will not present themselves as having a problem until they have reached their breaking point. Usually there has been a long history leading to the point where they seek help.

Allowing students to feel that they are valued and cared for is important. Botany Downs Secondary School has worked to proactively reach out to students and provide additional avenues to ask, “Are you OK?” This has allowed school staff to get involved with issues before they unravel and become major problems.

Botany Downs has also implemented a number of other pastoral initiatives, including an academic mentoring programme, to help every student to feel connected to staff and part of the school’s international family. We will share what our initiatives are and how they have been implemented.

While students are reaping the rewards of these programmes there are additional benefits that can be leveraged through their introduction. By reducing problems, the perceived quality of a programme can be enhanced which positively affects word of mouth. All of this leads to an improved image of a school that relates to all stakeholders.