Presentations 2017

Conference presentations are available for download by clicking on the links below. All files are PDF.

Presentations are only available where they have been made available for public display.


1100 – 1140

1. New Zealand’s offshore delivery plan

2. Building and managing reputation in New Zealand Schools

3. Spruiking scholarship stories: Getting the most from your scholarship recipients – N/A

4. Think students: Student voice panel discussion – N/A

5. Community based approaches to pastoral support

6. Dream, Discover and Decide: ENZ’s evolving digital acquisition strategy – N/A

7. Learning and teaching strategies to engage tertiary international students

8. Roundtable with U.S. study abroad advisors – N/A

1150 – 1230

9. Getting started in the data game: Getting your head around analytics in international education

10. Outward bound: Creating a culture of student mobility

11. Thinking globally, Acting locally: What more can we do to ensure the rise of NZ education – and how?

12. Partnering with education agents: Tips and techniques to manage agent relationships

13. The Code less travelled: Finding your way to quality in a new Code paradigm

14. A new era in global education: Talent shortages and changing demographics

15. Global Leadership Programme: Developing leaders for the future

16. Forging emotional connections through digital marketing

1330 – 1410

17. International education and governance: Implications of international education for the board of an education provider

18. Effective positioning: International education marketing tips for schools

19. From NZ with love: Delivering on our brand promise of a transformation al student experience

20. How to host an effective agent FAM tour

21. We just want to be included: Inclusion and the international student experience

22. Creating value: Properly pricing international education in a competitive global market

23. Innovation and disruption in international education – N/A

24. Employability insights: Collaborating to support international student employability


25. Crowdsource cafe: How can we support international students’ successful education transitions? (Student Perspective)

26. A stitch in time: Adopting a proactive approach to pastoral care

27. Cracking the offshore education dilemma: Some models that are working

28. Immigration New Zealand: Update from the Deputy Chief Executive – N/A

29. Global Workforce Programme: Forging Work Ready partnerships to help skilled talent stay

30. Power and presence: Techniques for effective presentations – N/A

31. It takes a village: Fostering collective school leadership for student wellbeing

32. Location, location, location: Enhancing the value for New Zealand’s regions

1620 – 1700

33. Crowdsource cafe: How can we support international students’ successful education transitions? (Institution Perspective) – N/A

34. Brazil: 220,000 opportunities for New Zealand education

35. New Zealand’s doctoral tuition strategy for international students – 10 years on

36. New Zealand Story: Lessons for international educators – CANCELLED

37. Ensuring international students are welcome, safe and well in New Zealand

38. Code crunchers: Responses to real life pastoral care issues – N/A

39. Crowdsource cafe: Emerging trends and developments

40. International education quiz – N/A


1100 – 1140

41. From study to work: Graduate voice panel discussion – N/A

42. NZIEC Debate: Aussies versus Kiwis – N/A

43. How to succeed in bidding for, winning and providing international education service projects

44. It’s a big deal: Current issues facing the school sector

45. Should I stay or should I go now?

46. Towards Tokyo 2020: Japanese student mobility trends

47. Where next? Evolution of the ThinkNew brand – N/A

48. A model for intercultural competence and practice

1150 – 12:30

49. Populist politics and downstream implications for international education

50.From Colombo Plan to Generation Study Abroad: Collaborative strategies to enhance export education

51. A vision for 2025: The New Zealand International Education Strategy

52. Panel discussion: Internationalising your institution – How to become an agent of change

53. Harnessing student stories: Creating effective market-specific digital marketing content

54. Crowdsource cafe: Marketing tips for schools – N/A

45. Help, my International Director is going on maternity leave!

1330 – 1410

46. Panel discussion: New Zealand stay rates – Is the glass half empty or half full?

47. Helping students get the right advice about the New Zealand immigration process / Offshore education agents

48. Product development: Parent and child programmes for the Chinese market

49. Panel discussion: Around the world in 2018

50. South, South East Asia and the Middle East: Promotional recipes for success

51. Strategic market assessment: The future of China’s education market

52. Critical incidence preparation and crisis management in international education settings

53. Sending students overseas: How can you keep them safe as they should be?