With 62 breakout sessions, over 90 presenters and a range of new formats, there’s something for everyone at NZIEC 2017. Here are just a few highlights from this year’s bumper programme.

Pre-conference workshops

Join us for one of three pre-conference workshops on Monday 21 August. Gain tips and insights on how to recruit school students from China, Japan and Korea, learn how to enhance your organisation’s cultural intelligence and, if you’re one of our regional partners, join our Regional Partners Workshop.

Lead an international education quest 

Start your NZIEC journey this year with a quest. Dr Jason Fox, motivation strategy and design expert – and self-described “modern day wizard-rogue” – will inspire you to lead an international education quest. As Jason says, “To build for the future, we need something different. It’s time to venture beyond the default. It’s time to lead a quest.”

Enhancing the student experience

Transforming the student experience is at the heart of this year’s conference. Gain insights from Study Auckland’s student experience transformation design project, use community support mechanisms to enhance your organisation’s pastoral programmes and learn how to facilitate the successful education transitions of international students.

Find out how to foster collective leadership to encourage student wellbeing, challenge and motivate your most able domestic and international students, and equip yourself with teaching and learning strategies to engage tertiary international students.

And don’t forget to check out ISANA New Zealand’s breakout stream. ISANA have developed a comprehensive breakout programme with positive student experiences at the centre.

Listening to international student voices

We’ve brought the voices of international students into the conference programme like never before. Explore what current international students think about their New Zealand study experiences and learn from our international student graduates what worked and what didn’t as they transitioned to employment. You’ll also find international students popping up throughout conference, including in Lian-Hong Brebner’s session ‘We just want to be included’.

Marketing in a digital world 

The world is digital – and only ever going to get more so. Learn from our Student Acquisition Director on ENZ’s fast-evolving digital marketing programme, and some exciting game changers we’re working on. Join Christchurch Educated to create effective market-specific content for digital platforms and GO Overseas to forge emotional connections through digital marketing. And visit the Student Marketing team at ENZ’s booth in the Expo Hall to discuss how you can enhance your organisation’s approach to digital marketing.

Exploring global markets

Our breakout sessions span the globe. Explore Japanese student mobility trends and developments with Tatsuhiko Hoshino from Japan Association of Overseas Studies. Join Maura Leão as she outlines the findings from BELTA’s 2017 market survey and implications for New Zealand international education providers for South America’s biggest outbound market. Engage with US study abroad professionals in a roundtable on the promotion of study abroad, explore the impact of populist politics in Europe and the Americas, and identify promotional recipes for success in the South and South East Asian markets. Don’t forget to take the opportunity to connect with ENZ’s international teams in the Expo Hall.

Join Education Tauranga’s Anne Young and panellists Tatsu Hoshino, Maura Leão and Mitch Gordon as they consider what’s in store for international education in 2018. 

Helping Kiwis fly

Our icon may be a flightless bird, but that’s not stopping hundreds of New Zealand students from breaking out into the world. Learn how the University of Waikato has doubled outbound student numbers over the past year, how to keep students safe when they’re heading overseas for group and individual study trips, and how you can spruik their stories for public relations wins. And be sure to connect with the ENZ scholarships team in the Expo Hall to find out how your students can participate in the Prime Ministers’ Scholarships for Asia and Latin America schemes.

Exporting your offering offshore

As we seek to grow the export of New Zealand’s education products and services, learn about New Zealand’s new offshore delivery plan with a session led by the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education’s Richard Garrett. Learn how to crack the offshore education dilemma by embracing a range of delivery models and find out how to bid for, and win, international education service projects.

The future of international student recruitment from China

China has long been New Zealand’s most important sending market for international students. Yet fast-changing demographics and technological innovations have changed the environment for marketers in China. Join New Oriental’s Zhou Chenggang as he outlines key trends shaping student recruitment from China and highlights what he thinks the future will have in store for New Zealand international student recruiters.

Leading debate and discussion

Many of our breakout sessions this year seek to foster debate and lead international education thinking. Discuss the implications of international education for the boards of international education providers, explore collaborative strategies to enhance export education, and debate whether the glass is half-full or half-empty when it comes to international student stay rates in New Zealand.

Ten years since its implementation, New Zealand’s doctoral tuition strategy for international students is under the microscope. Consider approaches to pricing your offering within a competitive global marketplace and be sure to check out Distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley’s session on global talent shortages and changing demographies. It’s sure to get you thinking.

Debate and discuss the big issues in international education with a range of education sector leaders. 

Government partner updates

Conference is the ideal time to catch up on what’s happening in the international education ecosystem. Get up to speed on the New Zealand Qualifications’ Authority’s qualification recognition work, the Ministry of Education’s efforts to ensure international student wellbeing, and Immigration New Zealand’s policy and product developments. You can connect with the Immigration Advisers Authority on how to ensure international student get the right advice and touch base with the NZQA and INZ teams at their booths in the Expo Hall.

Connect people to change the world

For decades our industry has helped millions forge connections, gain new experiences, and expand horizons. Yet we’re now facing new challenges to the movement of students, academics and professionals across borders and the acceptance of those individuals within our communities. Hear from NAFSA’s Dr Esther Brimmer as she outlines a framework for action that can be applied by international educators to increase support for international education.

Practical tips and hints

Explore a range of sessions devoted to practical hints and tips to help you grow your business. Get your head around analytics in international education, garner tips and techniques to make the most of your agent relationships and ensure you host visiting agents effectively.

Learn how to become an agent of change in your institution, how to prepare for critical incidents, and how best to sell our country in key global markets.

School delegates can also get to grips with real-life pastoral care challenges, share international marketing tips in a crowdsource café format, and ensure you’re prepared if your international director goes on maternity leave!

Developing our regions

As we look to develop all regions across New Zealand, gain inspiration from the Canadian experience on how we can ensure provincial communities benefit from international education. And discuss how we can work together within our regions to enhance destination value.

Improving employability

With employability an increasingly important consideration for students and families, see how the University of Auckland is working to enhance employability through its Employability Insights Pilot Programme and how Study Dunedin and ENZ are collaborating on the Global Workforce Programme.

Schools-related sessions

We’ve developed a wealth of sessions that are relevant to schools, many of which are listed above. Also get on top of current issues facing the school sector, learn how to curate your most valuable asset – your school’s reputation, adopt a proactive stance to pastoral care, tap into Parent and Child programmes, and effectively position your school within the crowded global marketplace.

Gain inspiration and insights from our schools-related breakout sessions. 

Planning for the future

Conference is an ideal time to take stock and ponder the future. Consider ‘what’s around the corner’ with our series of sessions on the future, including a crowdsource café on emerging trends and developments.

Learn how we’re looking to evolve the Think New brand, contribute to the New Zealand International Education Strategy’s vision for 2025, explore how innovation and disruption are shaping international education, consider the future of recruitment from China and discuss what international education developments and dynamics might impact us in 2018.

And so much more

You can check out the full NZIEC programme here.

But wait, there’s more!

There’s just so much going on at this year’s conference we’ll be making some more announcements on some special NZIEC 2017 features down the track. Stay tuned!