Education New Zealand is excited to announce that this year’s conference will be headlined by motivation strategy and design expert Dr Jason Fox.

“Ahoy all, I’m very much looking forward to joining you at NZIEC this August,” says Jason. “Together, we’ll be venturing beyond the default in a quest toward future relevance.”

“Jason is world class” – Creative Director of 925 Design Finland

“Incredibly practical and clever” – Director of Talent, Pepsico

“His work is revolutionary” – Founder of Thought Leaders Global

Dr Jason Fox is a self-described “modern day wizard-rogue”, author and leadership adviserWith deep expertise in motivation design, Jason shows forward-thinking leaders around the world how to unlock new progress and build for the future of work.

“Only one thing is certain,” says Jason, “and that’s things are going to get even more uncertain. Instinctively you know this. Nearly everything is changing, and faster than ever before. To build for the future, we need something different. It’s time to venture beyond the default.”

“Jason is sure to stimulate some interesting thoughts and discussions over the course of this year’s conference,” says Sam Mackay, ENZ Strategic Projects Manager.

In addition to delivering this year’s opening keynote, Jason will deliver the closing address. “This means Jason will be engaging with delegates over the course of the conference, and will be on hand to draw everything together after two days of discussions and debate,” says Sam. “You won’t want to book an early flight!”

Check out the NZIEC website to find out more about Jason and his keynote address.